PIG - 'RISEN' (Ultra Deluxe Edition) - Order Now!

Songs of ruin, redemption and resurrection... PIG is finally 'Risen' on vinyl. If you thought our 'Wrecked' Deluxe reissue was divine, then you haven't seen anything yet. Armalyte are extremely proud to bring you the ULTRA DELUXE VINYL edition of the brand new PIG album, 'Risen'. Comitted to two discs of heavyweight vinyl, this most opulent of vinyls FEATURES TWO EXCLUSIVE TRACKS to this release; 'The Error Of My Ways' mixed by Oumi Kapila of FILTER, and a CUBANATE remix of 'The Chosen Few'. Each copy comes with a prayer card, that doubles as a download card, each signed by Mr Raymond Watts. But the icing on this particular offering to The Lard, is the breathtaking 3D lenticular cover, which has to be seen to be believed. This unique and highly collectible first run edition of 'Risen' is available as a limited edition of 300, so swift moves are required should you wish to guarantee absolution.

Risen Ultra Deluxe Vinyl Edition - 40

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Why is the cost of the vinyl / cost of postage so high? Well, due to the high manufacture cost of each record, plus its extremely limited nature, it's important to us (and we're assuming to your good selves) that your vinyls reach you safely and securely, so the relatively high cost is due to the fact that each record will need to be signed for on delivery.

Only 50 copies left, they will not last long, so consider this your final warning :)

Whilst your order does not come with an immediate download of the album, your unique prayer card, once redeemed, will give you access to unlimited streaming (via Bandcamp) plus the full album in the digital format of your choice (mp3, FLAC, etc.).

Why is this release not available on Bandcamp? This is to avoid duplication with the original version of the album, from those very fine Metropolis Records folk, from whom 'Risen' is available both as a CD and a digital release.

We know that some of you prefer us to take the vinyls out of the packaging before shipping, which we are more than happy to do, but please email us in advance to let us know. You know we aim to please.

Any other queries or whatnot? Again, just email us, we're available 24/7, apart from when we're napping.