"Chris Connelly - Sleeping Partner"
"The Joy Thieves - Cities In Dust"
"Der Prosector - Egregiouser"
"DROWND - Stay Away"
"The Joy Thieves - This Will Kill That"
"Cubanate - Kolossus"
"PIG - Candy"
"DROWND - Sick Like You"
"PIG - Stripped & Whipped"
"Word Made Flesh - Everything And Nothing"
"Children On Stun - Echoes"
"Seething Akira - I Am The Devil (Rabbit Junk Remix)"
"i! - End Of Transmission"
"PIG - "Black Mass"
"Khaidian - "Penumbra"
"Seething Akira - 'The Islander"
"Chris Connelly - 'Bloodhounds"
"Various Artists - 'Make Armalyte Great Again"
"C-Tec - 'Darker+Cut' (Deluxe Edition)"
"PIG & Sasha Grey - That's The Way (I Like It) - Youth Remix"
"PIG & Sasha Grey - That's The Way (I Like It)"
"Cyanotic - T2"
"PIG - Risen (Ultra Deluxe Vinyl)"
"Cubanate - Live Brutaalism"
"Chris Connelly - The Tide Stripped Bare"
"Der Prosector - Egregious EP"
"Concrete Lung - Fumes"
"Cease2Xist - Zero Future Remixed"
"PIG - Wrecked"
"Cubanate - Brutalism"
"Paresis - That.Black.Form"
"Jensen - II"
"Cease2Xist - Zero Future"
"2LAVE RAC3 - Becoming Gods"
"Marc Heal - The Hum"
"Stereo Juggernaut - Shutdown!"
"Marc Heal - Adult Fiction" 12" Marbled Vinyl
"Defcon 3.5 War In Heaven"
"Defcon Three: Dirty World" 2CD
Concrete Lung - "Drain The Reservoir" 7"
Flesh Eating Foundation - "Scumbags And Spent Slags"
Judda - "Total Fucking War"
CTRL ALT DEL - "Future Furio"
PIG vs. MC Lord of The Flies - "Compound Eye Sessions"
Je$us Loves Amerika - "Falling"
New Disease - "Patent Life (Deluxe)"
CTRL ALT DEL - "Super Galactic Battle Attack" CD
Concrete Lung - "Tolerance & Dependency" CD
CTRL ALT DEL - "Dr Electric Fingers" CD
CTRL ALT DEL - "Dance Floors Destroyed" CD
CTRL ALT DEL - "Deletist" CD
Paresis - "Hope Lies Torn" CD
CTRL ALT DEL - "Dance Floors Destroyed" - Free Download!
Fun Every Friday - "Heart Puke" - Free Download!
Paresis - "Replacer" - Free Download!
Jensen - "Zero One [Redux]" - Free Download!
Digicore - "More Than More Than Just As Ape - The Ape Remixes" Dropcard
Digicore - "More Than Just As Ape" CD
Concrete Lung - "Subtract Nerve" CD
i! - "i!pad" - Free Download!
Je$us Loves Amerika - "Breathe" CD
Paresis - "Last Shadow" CD
Concrete Lung - "Die Dreaming" 7"
Je$us Loves Amerika - "FYA" CD
K-Nitrate - "Stark Punkt" CD
Digicore - "Without Freedom" CD
Concrete Lung - "Versions Of Hell" CD
Soundsphere Presents - "Things To Come" CD
Concrete Lung - "Waste Of Flesh" CD
Kommand+Kontrol - "Dead Ground Ahead" CD
KreuzDammer - "Shot Down In Flames" CD
Haloblack - "throb." CD
Defcon Two - "Collateral Damage" CD
Bent U.S.A. - "As You Like" CD
Interlock/Needleye - "Death By Design" CD
Defcon One - "Industrial Dawn" CD