Heal X Watts Poster!

Gaze upon it in all it's glory! Yep, due to customer demand, we've managed to knock up some beautiful A2 art prints of Luke Insect's snazzy 'Compound Eye' artwork on 170gsm matt art stock paper no less. The ideal addition to the walls of any studio, bedroom or padded cell, these beauties come in a limited edition of 18 that have been signed (and blessed) by the hands of the titular duo Heal and Watts themselves. A not-so-limited, unsigned edition, is also available, but obviously these are not nearly as sexy. We have some nice cardboard mailing tubes, so they should arrive with you in peak condition, and as a total bonus, the first 5 orders we get will also come with a one of a kind (well, five of a kind if you want to be pedantic about it) HALOBLACK poster signed by Bryan Black himself, summat totally cool that we found stashed in the back of the Armalyte lock up.

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