German for 'Cross Of The Damned', KreuzDammer were formed in the summer of 2004 when Graham Rayner, founder of industrial legends Cubanate, joined forces with vocalist Dave Chapman (Punishment State) and guitarist Rich deValmont. Constrained by the technology that surrounded them, further elements were bolted to the band in the form of bassist c0rvu5r3x and Viru5 on drums, a conscious move to wrestle greater control over the tortured industrial rhythms that coursed trough their tortured souls. Influenced by such luminaries as Killing Joke, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein and Ministry, KreuzDammer bludgeon metal, industrial and electronica together to devastating effect. But it's the live performance that has always been central to KreuzDammer's ethos, and the band have built a ferocious reputation for being an explosive and highly polished act, with their shows that frequently include lasers, projections, strobes, enough dry ice to to hide a W.M.D. and plenty of blood. Having gigged extensively during 2005 and 2006, the band holed up in Fortress studios, London, with Cubanate's Marc Heal to record their debut EP. So incendiary were these tracks that KreuzDammer were immediately signed to Armalyte before recording had even been completed. KreuzDammer are currently classified as Missing In Action.

Terminal - Vocals, Kalash - Guitar, deValmont - Guitar, c0rvu5r3x - Bass, Viru5 - Drums

MySpace: Kreuzdammer