The remix companion to last year's storming 'Voltage' album (on Advoxya Records), 'Stark Punkt' has its sights set squarely on the dance floor. With no concession to prevailing fads or trends, 'Stark Punkt' displays a purity of purpose in its sublimation to the relentless rhythmic pulse that burns through its nine tracks. A distillation of K-Nitrate in their rawest essence, this new release follows the band's ten year hiatus of playing live. Such is the sense of purpose that K-Nitrate are celebrating this release by returning to the live circuit. Having previously utilised the more traditional approach of having guitar and vocals at the forefront of the live show, the duo now prefer to let the technology, and the music, do the talking with the emphasis on live keyboards and samplers to suit their harder, club-based, sound. Whilst vocals are largely absent from the EP, particular mention must go to the guest appearance of Douglas (Dog) Sudia of US coldwave act [U][C][N][X], on the searing 'Hate in The States', a laser-guided shot of bile aimed directly at the heart of capitalist America. K-Nitrate formed in the early Nineties and released their cult debut album 'Xenophobia' in 1994 before collaborating with some of the industrial scene's leading artists including C-Tec and Hexedene. With the band's line-up completed by programmer Christian Weber, K-Nitrate have been at the vanguard of the UK's Industrial / electronic scene, and 'Stark Punkt' is a relentlessly kinetic reminder of what made them so great originally.

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