If Internet rumour is to be believed, "throb." could well be the most important alternative album since Tricky's "Maxinquaye", such is the clamour surrounding news of its release. Described by the band as "deep, hard and bleepy", the "throb." sessions have introduced a quirky, funk element into Haloblack"s signature sound of raw, static driven electronic rock. Legendary KMFDM and PIG vocalist Raymond Watts lends his distinctive snarl to the venomous "punch the deck", whilst Arianne Schreiber (who"s previously worked with Manchild and George Michael) eloquently adapts to the deceptive seduction of "the junky" as well as contributing to many of the tracks that make up the multi-faceted experience that is "throb.", a journey that inevitably ends with the self-destructive paranoia of "drugbeat".

Emerging in 1994, it was on their "Tension Filter" debut that Haloblack"s solipsistic nihilism was finally made flesh. Before moving from the U.S. to London in 1997, founding member bryan black worked for Prince at Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis, performing various rolls as a keyboard tech and sound designer. Learning a production trick or two from his new employer, black quickly saved up enough money to make Haloblack"s second album. The seminal :funkyhell: was released at the tail end of 1996 on an independent label out of Washington D.C., Fifth Colvmn Records, but within months of :funkyhell:s release, the label folded, leaving Haloblack with an album that Alternative Press magazine described as "Essential", a description that rings equally true today.

Soon the band started recording new material, uploading the tracks over the Internet and within weeks Haloblack were offered the opportunity to produce music for the Blair Witch Project game and DVD as well as working on the soundtrack to Descent 2 on the Playstation. It was during this period that Haloblack supported Marilyn Manson on a tour of the US before returning to London to begin recording demos for their much anticipated follow-up to :funkyhell:.

During Haloblack"s "missing" years Black has spent his time working and recording under various guises; Hellbent, which featured contributions from Chemlab"s Jared Louche, 16 Volt"s Eric Powell and Thrill Kill Kult"s Charles Levi, recorded three acclaimed albums : "Hellbent", "Helium" and "Hardcore Vanilla". black toured Japan as a member of Schwein whilst more recent projects such as XLOVER and MOTOR have seen material released by Uber-cool labels City Rockers and Mute respectively.

Haloblack is bryan black.

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