Gig/Tour Dates


Paresis Say Hello...

...with a couple of groovy gigs with Aesthetic Perfection and Goteki. They may be our newest kids on the block but Paresis aren't content to sit on their hands when there are dancefloors that can be masacred. Come down and see why we're making such a fuss about 'em.

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JLA Support The Mighty 242 In Glasgow

A dream gig for Je$us Loves Amerika frontman Patrick Dougan, factor Empirion into the equation and you've got one of the strongest gig line-ups of the year. Playing Glasgow's ultra-cool Classic Grand, this night will, literally, blow your mind.

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K-Nitrate Support Modulate In London

As you may have guessed from the tagline above, our new special friends, K-Nitrate, will celebrate their return to the live scene supporting the mighty Modulate, you may have heard of them, on the London date of their 'Robots 2011' tour, to be held at the Purple Turtle on Thursday 28th July. Deviant UK are main support and Kommand+Kontrol will be opening proceedings. Tickets are summat like £10 on the door BUT... Order your tickets direct from K-Nitrate and, not only will you save a couple of quid, you'll also get access to a free K-Nitrate EP AND free entry to the aftershow which features a gig by none other than Empirion. Yeah, check that shit, bitches.

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So, yeah, here's the lowdown on all things INCINERATOUR. You should know the score by now: three awesome bands - Digicore, CONCRETE LUNG and Je$us Loves Amerika - tearing 'round the country, laying the smackdown to the following provincial towns:

Thurs 19 May - Newcastle - Trillians Rock Bar (please note change of venue)

Fri 20 May - Peterborough - Club Revolution

Sat 21 May - London - Electrowerkz (incl. FREE Slimelight afterwards!!)

Thurs 26 May - York - Stereo

Fri 27 May - Glasgow - Classic Grand

Click the links above to pre-order tickets for the Newcastle, London and Glasgow dates.

We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the (semi) recent release of both CONCRETE LUNG's and Digicore's awesome new albums than to put them on the road with Scotland's second favourite export (after deep-fried Mars bars), JLA. As you may have noticed, the Newcastle date has changed from its original location, this is as a result of the previous venue going bankrupt. What this means is that the gig is no longer free entry, which is obviously a pisser, but this is beyond both the promoter's and our control. By way of an aopology I think we're gonna bung a free CD on the door to the first 50 punters or summat. Either that or I'll have to get down on my knees and fellate each and every one of you. It's a dirty job but...

Needless to say, all the bands are totally fucking stoked to finally getting on the road together and taking their unique brands of noise to the masses, and this is your opportunity to catch Armalyte's favourite bands all in the same place at the same time. Get in!

See you on the road...