With the country in political, economic and social meltdown it seems somehow appropriate that Digicore are about to unleash their musical revolution on the world. Their punk aesthetic augmented with banks of technology to further their cause, the Digicore manifesto urges strength through unity, the dissolution of conformity and the demand that we seize control of our own destiny. Defying convention, Digicore's strength lies in their welding of various musical genres to create a sound of their own, a riotous call to arms for the cyberpunk generation. Hailing from the historic city of York, Digicore are vocalist Danny Carnage, guitarist S-73, bassist Matt Bastard and drummer Cell. A mutual love of Discharge, Atari Teenage Riot and Pitchshifter galvanised the four into action, the resultant sound being an exciting burst of furious noise and rhythm, their blast beats and gabba beats in perfect synchronicity. An instant smash on the local live scene, Digicore won Barfly's prestigious 'Battle Of The Bands' competition back in 2005 and have since played hundreds of incendiary gigs around the country. 'Without Freedom' is the band's first album following on from three critically acclaimed self-released EPs and appearances on various compilations. The 11 tracks and 2 remixes (by cult underground acts ChopChop and 2Bit Hero) on 'Without Freedom' showcase Digicore's dynamic edge whilst simultaneously smashing down the walls of mental and creative apathy, a brutal reminder of just how potent a scream of rebellion can be.

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