Concrete Lung

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intention, but for Concrete Lung the path is littered with eroding breeze blocks and rusting steel skeletons. A malignant tumour blighting the urban sprawl, Concrete Lung's corrosive sonic assault is the scream of a disenfranchised generation. Promised the technology to change the world only to see it abused by those in power, the high-def drip-feed of humanity's suffering is available to view 24/7. An internalised revolution, 'Waste Of Flesh' is seven tracks of perpetually evolving death industrial, transcending the limitations of the musical gene pool they crawled from. Moving forward from the core electronica of their 'The Dawn Of X' debut, Concrete Lung now wield a more brutal, more abrasive sound that bleeds forth across the more extreme ends musical spectrum. Incorporating elements of early Pitchshifter, Ministry and Skinny Puppy, 'Waste Of Flesh' sees the band combine their influences and spitting them back out as lethal shards of dissonance. From the tribal drums that build to a hypnotic crescendo on the title track to the guitar napalm of 'Breathe In The Monochrome' or the doom-grind that defines 'Pyre Burns', Concrete Lung seek to continually expand and refine their sound.

Concrete Lung is Ed Oxime, formely of UK industrial scumpunks Katscan, and William Riever, a relapsed Australian. Their online bunker can be found: Concrete Lung