Bent U.S.A.

The first official signings to the Armalyte label, art-rock outfit Bent U.S.A. have variously been described as "The sickest band in the UK" (Jo Kendall, Kerrang!) and "The bastard son of Marilyn Manson!" (An anonymous Net-head). The real Bent U.S.A. fall somewhere in-between the social polemic of PiL, the pseudo rock swagger of INXS and the sardonic guitar fury of Ministry, all of which combine to mentally debilitating effect. The product of a lifetime kicking against the system, the genesis of Bent U.S.A. occurred in 2000. Their first official release, 'As You Like', paints a disturbing portrait of post-Millennial Britain - a lack of faith in our crumbling Judicial system, disgust at our betrayal by those in whom we place trust, the moral decimation caused by the effects of drug addiction - Bent U.S.A. catalogue these events and reflect them back upon a society too desensitised and too arrogant to see it's own corruption. Behind the powerful and beautifully evocative cover by German photographer and moviemaker Leni Riefenstahl, 'As You Like' burns with portentous tales of rape, compulsion and loss staple ingredients that continually fuel the tabloid obsession with the darker side of life. But Bent U.S.A. don't just preach Armageddon, they are Armageddon, their hyper-kinetic live shows (including notorious gigs with The Icarus Line and Warrior Soul's Kory Clarke) have seen the band barred from numerous venues by promoters who fear the band's extreme lyrical content and violent physical intensity.

Following label interest in the band from giants such as Universal, Roadrunner and Maverick, Armalyte Industries are proud to allow Bent U.S.A. the opportunity to present their musical vision in the uncensored form in which it was originally intended. Dangerous, provocative, incendiary and never less than totally uncompromising, Bent U.S.A. are coming to tear morality apart.

Thrush - Screams/Programming. Rad - Guitar. Ben - Bass. Timid - Drums.

Website: Bent U.S.A.