Digicore - '...Ape. Pre-Order!

11.08.13 - Bundles A-Go-Go for the new Digicore album.

With a month to go until the release of Digicore's absolutely stunning new album 'More Than Just An Ape', we thought it was about time we got the pre-orders live for this seriously chunky monkey. The first couple of reviews we've had in have been brillintly satisfying, with Soundsphere magazine stating "...it's mind boggling, shock inducing, and downright thrilling", and Grave Concerns webzine declaring it "A mind blowing album!" It's going to be available as a limited edition double CD set, with the bonus disc featuring the 'Without Freedom Re-Mixes', featuring contributions from Rob Dust Vs. Pharma Boy, Paresis, J. Phillips (ex-Shellshock), UCNX, Digicore's own Danny Carnage, Drugzilla, Petrol Bastard, Limbogott, Flesh Eating Foundation and The Thirteenth Step.

'More Than Just An Ape' will also be available via iTunes, Bandcamp, and all the usual suspects, but we shall also be trialling out a new digital delivery system in the form of Dropcards. Basically, they're collectible, credit card-sized cards featuring some sexy artwork, each coming with a unique code that enables you to download the album. And with this is mind, we'll be releasing the '...Ape' Remix album 'More Than More Than Just An Ape' - see what we did there? - exclusively via dropcard, featuring some stunning remixes from The Pain Machinery, Audiowar, i!, Jensen and loads more.

Enough of our warbling, what about the bundles, you ask? We always try and roll out summat special for you guys, so to celebrate all things '...Ape', we thought we'd print up some exclusive GLOW IN THE DARK Digicore shirts. Yep, you read that right, these mofos glow in the dark!. There's also a groovy Digicore logo on the left sleeve, again, which glows in the dark. This is a pre-order exclusive, so if you want one, get ordering NOW! Don't forget to let us know your shirt size (or if you're a girl) when you place your order as that will save us chasing you up and generally speed up the whole process. Simples. As always, we'll throw in some badges, and stickers or whatever, you know we aim to delight, dazzle and other words beginning with "D".

Bundle 1 - 'Ape' CD and Glow Shirt - £ 22 / £ 25 International

Bundle 2 - 'Ape' CD, Glow Shirt and 'Ape Remixes' Dropcard - £ 25 / £ 28 International

Dropcard Bundle - 'Ape' and 'Ape Remixes' Dropcards plus Glow Shirt - £ 21 / £ 24 International

MEGA Bundle - 'Ape' CD, 'Ape Remixes' Dropcard, Glow Shirt plus Digicore's 'Without Freedom' CD - £ 30 / £ 33 International

If you just wanna buy the CD then, no problemo, just swing on by the Armalyte webtore and you'll find it there in all it's (lonely) glory, though be warned, the price currently listed is a pre-order price only, and will be going up after the official release date. These double CD packs don't grow on trees, y'know...