Order Concrete Lung's 'Subtract Nerve' HERE!

08.07.13 - Order Concrete Lung's 'Subtract Nerve' HERE!!

Yeah, so Concrete Lung's new earth-shattering EP, 'Subtract Nerve' is officially out now. In lieu of adding it to the Arma-shop (as we're already late for work - oops!), you can order the mofo here, for the next couple of days at least. Below that are a slew of just a few of the glowing words of praise that we've received so far for this superb limited edition release. Of the original 100 copies of this beautiful vinyl-style gatefold wallet, we have literally a handful left, so don't delay, order today.

Concrete Lung - Subtract Nerve CD

"This band is unstoppable!" 10/10 - Blackened Horde.

"Accessible and catchy... in an Ebola virus kind of way." - Intravenous Mag.

"Society had better watch out Concrete Lung have arrived!" 5/5 - Brutalism.com.

"Blasts through like a hurricane." 8/10 - A Model Of Control.

"Needs to be experienced to be believed. The discomfort couldnt be greater, and it will leave you questioning every musical paradigm you can think of." 4/5 - Soundsphere Magazine.

"Soaks you up in its negativity." 7.5/10 - Ave Noctum.

"This is seriously heavy stuff, and it sounds damned good." - Loud-Stuff.

"Uncomfortable to listen to." - Shutter Online.