Compound Eye Pre-Order!

10.08.15 - 'Compound Eye' - Now Sold Out!!!

Sorry, Bub, you missed the boat this time around... Better move faster next time. The long-awaited EP documenting the coming together of two alt. scene heavyweights: Marc (Cubanate / Pigface) Heal and Raymond (PIG / KMFDM) Watts is finally being unleashed on Monday 13th April. Containing the first official PIG squeals to emerge in a decade, and the first Marc Heal material to be released under the guise of MC Lord of The Flies, there's two new tracks from each artist, plus remixes from the likes of Rhys (Frontline Assembly) Fulber and Phil (Be My Enemy) Barry, all of which have to be heard to be believed. Available in a deluxe 6 panel digipack complete with ltd. edition collector's card, the CD is limited to just 500 copies worldwide, so get your trotters moving if you want to guarantee yourselves a copy. The official release date is Monday 13th April, but pre-order now to save yourself some cash. We're gonna try and get both Heal and Watts to sign the damn thing AND we'll throw in some badges and stuff. Don't say we're not the benevolent type. PLEASE NOTE that orders won't be dispatched until release due to the relative mayhem of getting both Watts and Heal in the same room (and the same country!) to actually sign as many of these things as possible, a feat far more difficult than it really should be. Anyways, to pre-order this beauty, you'd best navigate the unwieldy dropdown menu below...